Abseiling in Scotland

“The whole secret of existence is to have no fear” Buddha

One of our favourite activities is abseiling down cliffs and it’s also one of the most popular outdoor activities in Scotland across all age groups.

With expert instruction anyone of any age can descend a steep rock faces with a rope, a figure of eight attached to your harness and a pair of gloves; however we always wear a bit more safety equipment than just that.

Imagine leaning backwards over a 150 foot drop and stepping over the edge into the void…

Our highly trained instructors will always assure that you’re completely safe but they won’t be able to hold back the adrenaline rush you get as you lower yourself into the void below you!

Abseiling is a fantastic team building activity and strengthens corporate groups when they have to put their trust in each other on a rock face or even in a free-fall. It is also suitable for kids, school outdoor education groups and even as an activity for childrens’ birthday parties.

There are many places where we go including Mauchline Gorge, Quad Rocks in Largs, Corwar in the Galloways and we frequently go further afield too.

If you find the idea daunting face your fears and contact us to take the challenge, you’ll love it!