Bushcraft Courses in Scotland

“The great thing about bushcraft is that wherever you go, the skills go with you.” Ray Mears

Adventure Centre for Education are committed to providing courses and activities that not only give participants access to the outdoors but also allow them to gain a greater understanding of the environment around them.

With this in mind we created our Bushcraft course which provides essential survival skills and knowledge in a fun way and appropriate manner according to the age and abilities of the participants.

You will learn to understand how very dependent we are on our environment and the balance of its ecology through various challenges and practical activities which will help you get to grips with the basics of bushcraft.

This will also involve essential fire skills such as finding tinder and kindling, learning about the fire triangle and how to start a fire from a spark.

Later we will look at different kinds of shelter building, methods of finding food and water, identifying plants and animals, various ways of cooking over our fire and throughout we will learn how to stay safe.

Many consider that bushcraft courses are an essential part of learning more about our environment and moreover they are great fun for all.

Get in touch to come and join in!