Kayaking in Scotland

“…adventures don’t come calling like unexpected cousins calling from out of town. You have to go looking for them.” Unknown Author

Our location in Ayrshire, southwest Scotland, enables us to go kayaking in some of the most beautiful areas you could imagine and it’s exciting too!

We are close to the River Doon (a grade 2 river) and the Ness Glen River (a grade 3 river) which run all year round and we regularly ride the white water at the Water of Minnoch and the River Cree.

We also enjoy sea kayaking locally and frequently paddle up the mouth of the Clyde visiting historic sites such as Sawney Bean’s Cave and the Culzean Castle coast.

Not forgetting, we also arrange trips further afield to many of Scotland’s beautiful lochs including Loch Lomond, the Great Glen, the Caledonian Canal, and Loch Sheil.

Kayaking can be enjoyed by everyone, and we cater for all ages and abilities, from organizing training days for beginners through to advanced groups for experienced thrill seekers.

We also have a variety of boats for the different types of journeys you may wish to undertake and will provide you with all the equipment you will need to safely plan your journey and get out on the water.

If you’re planning a trip we can help so get in touch for more details.